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Miller try next away from kept 00080-Field step 3-Document 21-71 Edmund Hazel and you will Lt

Miller try next away from kept 00080-Field step 3-Document 21-71 Edmund Hazel and you will Lt

Younger 00080-Package step 3-Document 21-19 Clyde L. B. Hillyer, seated; Mrs. R. Woodmansee, standing; Stewart Woodworth, cuatro ?, Bis Coyle, 12, Selfridge 00080-Package step 3-File 21-54 Boys sailing 00080-Package 3-Document 21-55 Boys to your seashore 00080-Field step three-Document 21-56 Guy and boys from the lake 00080-Package step 3-Document 21-57 Boys at lake 00080-Package step three-Document 21-58 Kids tossing golf ball more destroyed 00080-Container 3-File 21-59 House getting went 00080-Field step three-Document 21-60 Constructing construction to own partnered youngsters 00080-Container step three-File 21-61 Design 00080-Field 3-File 21-62 Home on shoreline 00080-Package step 3-Document 21-63 Properties on coastline 00080-Field 3-Document 21-64 Homes on the shoreline 00080-Field 3-Document 21-65 Building 00080-Box 3-Document 21-66 The brand new strengthening to have Halfway Seats Shop lower than structure 00080-Box 3-Document 21-67 Northridge College significantly less than construction 00080-Box step 3-File 21-68 Town hallway around structure 00080-Container step 3-File 21-69 Material strengthening 00080-Box step three-File 21-70 Col.

Robert P. Col. Walter W. Hogrefe 00080-Box step three-Document 21-72 Soldier which have rifle 00080-Field 3-Document 21-73 A couple of guys 00080-Field 3-Document 21-74 Five dudes 00080-Package step three-Document 21-75 Alvin Vietz, Ambulance Attendant on the scene off car wreck 00080-Package step 3-File 21-76 Car accident 00080-Field 3-Document 21-77 Mix collision 00080-Field step three-Document 21-78 Combine collision 00080-Package step 3-Document twenty two-01 Young families during the prom 00080-Package 3-File twenty two-02 Man 00080-Field step three-Document twenty-two-03 Eight men 00080-Field 3-Document twenty-two-04 Denae Lefor, Gladstone, gets polio enhancement attempt out of Stark County Social Wellness nurse incredible beautiful slavic women Mrs. Opal Brownish, from the a hospital inside Dickinson 00080-Box step 3-Document twenty two-05 Mrs. George Gress and you can Mrs. Draw Gress consider a screen “Aloha Oe” remembering Hawaii within Yearly Rose Let you know in the Dickinson 00080-Package 3-File twenty-two-06 Nine dudes 00080-Container step 3-File twenty-two-07 A couple men 00080-Container 3-File twenty two-08 A couple guys 00080-Package step three-File 22-09 L.

Pa Tompkinson (Kitty Web page) in the Participants Reunion 00080-Package 3-Document 22-twenty six Sports athlete scoring touchdown 00080-Box step three-Document twenty-two-twenty seven Pleased fans of your winning Hasting, Nebraska American

E. Gissler, Texaco, Bismarck; Kenneth S. Harding, Texaco, Bismarck 00080-Box 3-File twenty-two-ten Internationally and you may Area frontrunners regarding Rotary All over the world – District Gov. Ralph Yards. Bird, Vent Arthur, and Inter. Pres. And you will Mrs. J. Edd McLaughlin, Ralls, Tx 00080-Container step three-File twenty two-11 Herbert Hunt, Have a look Oils, Dallas; James W. Carron, Hunt Petroleum, Williston; Shelby O. McGee, Very humble, Miles Urban area 00080-Container 3-File twenty two-a dozen Sharie Keller, 5, displays their own prize-successful fish in order to Alfred Brogden, six. Sharie obtained 1st prize for the girl’s highest fish section of your annual Angling Derby 00080-Package step three-File twenty two-13 Shari Keller, 5, and you can Alfred Brogden, six 00080-Box step three-Document twenty-two-14 James Sweeney, 9, get degree in Horsemanship from Walt Neuens, Chairman off Northern Dakota Rodeo Organization – Cheryl Dohn, teacher and you may 1959 Northern Dakota Rodeo Queen looks into the 00080-Container step three-File twenty-two-fifteen Mary K.

Webpage, instructor of University from Illinois, depicts newest procedures into the training mathematics so you’re able to a group of sixth and seventh graders within a math works shop during the Mary University. Warren Lee, Bismarck; Mrs. Vera Stenehjem, Williston; Mrs. R.W. Wheeler, Bismarck – Around three republican women holding a good quilt with padded autographs away from best Republicans of any state. It raised $7000 having venture money owing to sale away from opportunity towards a drawing to your quilt 00080-Package step 3-File twenty two-19 Three men that have cuatro-H monitor 00080-Container 3-File twenty-two-20a Girl that have cuatro-H pub sign 00080-Package step three-Document twenty-two-20b Gang of children 00080-Container step 3-Document 22-21 Gang of youngsters 00080-Container step 3-File twenty two-twenty two Female dance hula 00080-Field step 3-Document 22-23 Nun and you will priest in the cutting edge 00080-Box step three-File twenty-two-24 Lady having ribbons and you can trophies 00080-Container 3-File twenty-two-twenty-five 1949 Miss Northern Dakota Mrs.

Gustin, Kerry O’Brien, Linda Trolliey – Teacher David A beneficial

It today go to the federal finals 00080-Package step 3-Document twenty two-twenty eight Larry Curtis (sp? Erickson 00080-Box 3-File 22-42b Three armed forces guys – Bohl, ? Wishing is actually Clarence Hildebrand, Elden Haugen, and Wear F. Bahr 00080-Field step 3-File 22-51 Dana Rivinius, Michael Shaffer, and you may Russel Geiszler – Scouts in mind Butter Scout Booking routine archery 00080-Container step 3-File 22-52a Expenses Brundage, Gerald Taylor, and you may Ron Taylor – Scouts away from Troop 30, Riverdale, swim toward Lake Tschida 00080-Package 3-File twenty-two-52b Harold Orvin, Oslo, Escort to have boys and you can President out-of Cadet Element of Norwegian Aero Clubs; Tore Kristiansen, 17, Trondheim; Arne Dybwad, 17, Tonsberg; Bjorn Ronjom, 19, Telemark; Mikjel Bang, 17, Fagernes; Brynjulf Vaula, 18, Stavanger; The boys try glider pilots and lots of was effective throughout sort of traveling.

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