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The fresh Cheyenne Indians: Their Record and you can Way of Existence

The fresh Cheyenne Indians: Their Record and you can Way of Existence

(a) They are unlawful to break towards by the one force after all and you may input one trends any hold, strengthening, work environment, place, flat, tenement, shop, factory, shop, factory, barn, secure, driveway, tent, ship, railway auto, flat, motor vehicle truck or semitrailer, cellular household, trunk area, closet, container, coin-operated servers, or equivalent structure, target, otherwise device of another as opposed to concur into purpose in order to:

(a) They would be unlawful having, found, pick, or hide people private possessions which was stolen if not obtained from their genuine holder from inside the citation of this Title that have the intention so you’re able to rob the true owner thereof.

(b) Acquiring stolen property are punishable of the a fine perhaps not exceeding Five Thousand Cash ($5,). otherwise of the imprisonment regarding Tribal jail for a term not surpassing one year, otherwise both.

(c) In the event the worth of the house or property exceeds One to Thousand Cash ($1,), a phrase out-of banishment for a period of time not exceeding ten years may be imposed plus the punishment authorized over.

(a) It is going to be unlawful so you’re able to falsify, damage, treat, otherwise keep hidden people composing or listing, with the intent so you’re able to hack otherwise hurt people or even cover any incorrect undertaking.

(b) Tampering that have ideas can be punishable of the a superb maybe not surpassing Five Thousand Bucks ($5,), or of the imprisonment from the Tribal prison getting a term maybe not exceeding one year, or from the each other good and you may imprisonment, otherwise because of the a sentence off banishment to own an occasion no less than simply 12 months neither exceeding 5 years, or one blend of these punishments. Up on a moment belief to have tampering that have info, a sentence away from banishment having an occasion for around five ages nor exceeding 10 years are imposed plus the latest abuse registered more than.

(a) They should be unlawful to intentionally provide investment or build fund at a consistent level interesting large that the after the:

(1) When your total that interest can be applied is lower than One hundred Cash ($) or the period of the mortgage otherwise funding is actually lower than 12 months, or one another, the interest rate shall perhaps not meet or exceed a beneficial 24% yearly easy interest rate.

(2) Whether your amount to that focus enforce try more than A hundred Cash and/or time of the loan or money was higher than 1 year, otherwise both, the rate of interest shall perhaps not meet or exceed an enthusiastic 18% yearly effortless interest.

(b) Verbal otherwise authored violence is going to be punishable from the a superb not so you can exceed Four Thousand Bucks ($5,), or because of the a phrase of imprisonment on Tribal jail maybe not to help you meet or exceed 12 months, otherwise both.

(1) Take, bring in, keep hidden, or detain an infant under the chronilogical age of sixteen of their father or mother, protector or other legitimate caretaker, understanding he’s got no right in law to accomplish this, and you will

(i) with the intention to hang the little one getting months dramatically extended you to definitely people visitation otherwise custody months in the past awarded by a courtroom off competent legislation; or

(b) Deviate sexual intercourse might be punishable of the a superb to not exceed Four Thousand Bucks ($5,), or from the a tern out-of imprisonment from the Tribal jail not to help you surpass 12 months, otherwise each other.

(a) They will likely be unlawful to inquire about for, promote, otherwise deal with any cash, services and products, inside action, possessions, issue useful otherwise virtue, expose otherwise potential, or people hope or performing, provided having an unlawful or corrupt intent so you can influence unlawfully the brand new individual just who it is provided.

(b) Bribery is going to be punishable from the an excellent never to exceed Five Thousand Bucks ($5,); otherwise from the a term out-of imprisonment on Tribal jail not to help you exceed 12 months, otherwise by banishment getting no less than five years neither far more than 10 years; otherwise people blend of these registered punishments. Getting another or next conviction less than which section, banishment may be imposed having for around ten years neither more lives.

The Haven: Yale University Press

(a) They are unlawful when acting otherwise purporting to act in a daha fazlasД±nД± bul proper strength or taking advantage of such as for example genuine otherwise purported capacity, which have education you to such as for example make try unlawful, to:

(1) Subject a special in order to arrest, detention, browse, seizure, mistreatment, dispossession, assessment, lien and other infringement otherwise personal or assets legal rights; or;

(2) On purpose do a misconception from inside the a written app for any benefit by omitting pointers wanted to stop comments therein of getting misleading; otherwise

(3) Submit otherwise ask dependence on people writing that he understands so you can getting forged, changed or else lacking in credibility; otherwise

(4) Fill in otherwise invite dependence on one attempt, specimen, chart, boundary mark, or other target which he knows as incorrect; having a function in order to mislead a community slave in the carrying out their specialized means.

(b) Tampering having Public record information is punishable because of the an excellent maybe not to go beyond Five Thousand Dollars ($5,); or from the a term off imprisonment about Tribal jail not so you’re able to surpass 12 months; or of the banishment for no less than five years nor alot more than just ten years; otherwise both mixture of the above signed up punishments. For an extra otherwise after that belief less than which part, banishment are imposed to own no less than 10 years perhaps not more than life.

(a) They can be illegal to incorporate any person when you look at the official detention which have alcohol, drugs, guns, executes off escape, or any other point or compound that the actor knows try inappropriate or unlawful toward detainee to have.

Grinnell, George Bird (1923)

(b) Getting contraband is punishable from the a superb to not go beyond 2 hundred $ 50 ($), or by the a phrase out-of imprisonment regarding the Tribal jail perhaps not to help you surpass three months, otherwise each other.

(b) Aiding go back out-of banished persons shall be punishable by the a fine of 5 Thousand Dollars ($5,) and by imprisonment on the Tribal prison having an expression maybe not surpassing one year, and by banishment having a period maybe not more than one to-50 % of the expression in which brand new returned people was banished.

(a) They is going to be illegal, getting a general public servant, along with the intent to help you materially work for themselves or another otherwise so you’re able to spoil a special, to:

(1) Consciously to visit an enthusiastic unauthorized operate and that purports getting a work away from his work environment, or consciously refrains away from performing a low- discretionary obligations enforced into the your for legal reasons, otherwise

(2) Knowing that official action is actually considered or perhaps in reliance on information that he possess acquired by the advantage of their work environment or regarding an alternate personal slave, which pointers has not been generated social, he:

(i) acquires otherwise divests themselves from a valuable interest in one possessions, deal, or firm which might be impacted by particularly action otherwise recommendations; or

(ii) speculates or bets on the basis of like action or advice, or knowingly services yet another to accomplish all foregoing.

(c) Chaotic run are going to be punishable because of the an excellent not to ever surpass Two hundred Fifty dollars ($) otherwise by the a phrase out of imprisonment on the Tribal jail maybe not to exceed 90 days, otherwise each other.

(c) Someone who disseminates or and has now obscene topic regarding direction out-of their business is assumed to accomplish this knowingly or recklessly.

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